Why Buy an LED TV? Your LED TV Buying Guide

By | February 23, 2015

If you have been looking to buy a flat screen TV but are confused about which one to buy, I am going to help you so you can make an intelligent choice. I will help you seek answers to common questions like why buy an LED TV, and why LED is better than LCD or Plasma TV? 

Why buy an LED TV                                                                     

Types of Flat Screen TVs Available

When you buy a new television, you can choose from three main types of modern displays LED, LCD, and Plasma. These choices have remained the same for the last decade, but some details of each of these different technologies has changed over that time. So if you need help choosing which type of TV is best for you? I am here to help.


What is LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which simply means that it creates light from the movement of electrons. A great feature of LED is that it does not lead to any invisible light or heat therefore LED uses very little energy or electricity.

LED and LCD TVs are very similar. The main difference is the type of bulb used to create the picture. Special bulbs are used in LED TVs for back lighting rather than the fluorescent CFL lights that are used in LCDs. Both employ a liquid crystal diode system front panel.

Some LEDs utilize edge lighting which allows for very thin construction. If you put an LED, LCD, and Plasma TV side by side the first thing you will notice is how much thinner the LED TV is.

LED over LCD and Plasma

LED and LCD are brighter than Plasma. LED TVs exhibit brighter whites, deeper blacks and a wider range of colors. LED TVs also use up to 70% less electricity than Plasma. Let me repeat that 70% less electricity over years of use.

LEDs also last as much as twice as long as Plasma TVs. LEDs also weigh a lot less than Plasmas which is important as you get into the larger sizes. The one advantage Plasma has is price. Plasmas are less expensive than LEDs but only in purchase price. However, if you take into account the energy savings and longevity of an LED TV the ultimate cost will be lower.

Buying the best LED TV out there

By now I think I have convinced you that an LED TV is what you want to buy. Obviously the first thing you need to consider is your budget. Once you know how much you want to spend you need to get the largest screen you can afford.

Of course, based on the space you have, and the distance you will be from the screen. Trust me no matter what screen size you buy you will wish you bought one just a little bit bigger.


The best LED TVs


As a Frugal Man searching for quality, value, and thinking long term, LED TVs stand out as the clear winner in the TV race. Consuming less electricity, offering the brightest of pictures, deep blacks, clarity, and sound quality LEDs offer the best value for the money.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy an LED TV. Click here to go to my review and recommendation for the  LEDs that are the best available today. Enjoy movies, music, games, on a high quality LED television and you will never regret your decision. Having an LED TV is truly an investment in disguise!

Why buy an LED TV? The answer should be clear now.

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