What Is The Best LED TV To Buy?

By | February 26, 2015

Best LED TV For The Money

OK so you have read my article “Why Buy an LED TV” and are convinced it is the only TV to buy. Now it is time to decide which TV you should buy. There are so many different manufacturers, different sizes, and bells and whistles that this can be a daunting task. OK Frugal Men I am now going to answer the question “What Is the Best LED TV to Buy“.

I can assure you that once you start watching your new TV set the little bit of pain in making the buying decision will be greatly rewarded for years to come.


LED For the Frugal Man

As a Frugal Man I know that you are looking for a quality TV that you can buy for the best value. Value being defined as best initial price factored in with ongoing costs over the life of the TV. Based on this you have already made the decision to go with an LED TV.

The first thing you need to do is decide what screen size you are looking for. You want to buy the biggest screen size that you can afford of course taking into consideration the space you have and the distance you are from the TV. You can refer to my distance chart here.

Be sure to buy a standard flat screen. Don’t be sucked into buying a gimmick TV like a curved screen or a 3D TV.

What Is The Best LED TV TO BUY? Drum Role Please

There are only two brands of LED TV’s that I would consider buying. Samsung and LG.

So at this point you know what screen size you are going to buy and you are either going to buy:Best LED TV

1) Samsung is best in the business. Ten years ago I would have said Sony but Samsung has raced ahead and they are tops in technology. Click here and pick your Samsung based on screen size.The Best LED TVs

2) LG also makes LED TVs that are second to none. Click here to see the different options for LG LED TVs.

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Best LED TV To Buy?

  1. Jean

    I have had my LG smart tv for over a year now and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for the great review. Some really good information!

    1. Scott Post author

      I have an article coming out soon on all the different options for getting programing for your TV including Roku and Amazon Fire TV.


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