What Is Amazon Home Service?

By | June 2, 2015

Amazon Home Service Is The Best

When you think of the biggest online retailers on the planet what comes to mind?

Amazon of course!

Amazon has revolutionized the way we buy goods on the Internet.

Now they are also helping to deliver home-based services to your front door.

Amazon Home Service has been launched.

What Is Amazon Home Service?

So, what is this new mystery product line that Amazon is rolling out?

Believe it or not, it may be very beneficial for you as a home owner.

Amazon has always made customer service a priority.  

Amazon Home Services is designed to help you have a better shopping experience overall.

Think about this scenario for just a moment.

You’ve decided to purchase a brand-new ceiling fan for your mother as a gift for Mother’s Day. The only problem is, your mom has absolutely no idea how to install a ceiling fan.

You also don’t want to put additional stress on your dad, as he will feel that he has to install your newly purchased gift.

So, what other options do you have available to you?

Currently, you would have to try and find a handyman in your parents’ local area to install the fan for them.

Simple enough, right?

Unfortunately, no.

If you are trying to find a handyman and you don’t live in the same area as your parents it is hard.

You don’t know anything about the handyman or company.

Are they reliable? Are they trustworthy? What is the quality of their work?

These are very relevant concerns.

You don’t want a total stranger providing services in your parents house, right?

Well, what if there was a way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could have the new ceiling fan you purchased as a gift installed by a trained professional you could rely on? 

This is exactly what Amazon Home Services plans to provide.

What Is Amazon Home Service

How Is Amazon Picking The Professionals?

Amazon is qualifying select businesses to provide the services offered on their website.

How are they doing this?

First, they are only inviting professionals who have a very strong record of providing highly recognized and reputable services in their local areas.

Second, they are doing background checks on the businesses and on every professional who would be entering individual homes.

Finally, they are also making certain that all businesses have adequate insurance as well as all necessary trade licenses before they can provide services to individuals.

This allows you to acquire services in areas outside of your local area and have peace of mind.

You can feel comfortable that the services are being provided by qualified professionals who have passed criminal background checks and have all necessary licenses at the time of service.

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How Will Amazon Home Services Work?

Currently, Amazon Home Services is in its beta test phase. There are just a few professionals in different areas around the USA.

In the future, you will be able to select professional installation services or consultations at the same time you purchase specific items.

For example, let’s take another look at the buying process of that ceiling fan for your mom when it comes to getting it installed.

In the future, when Amazon Home Services has vetted more installers, you will be able to add installation services at the same exact time as the purchase.

So when you buy the fan you will be able to purchase the installation service also.

You can schedule a home installation based on the delivery time of the ceiling fan so that the fan doesn’t sit around for more than a couple of days prior to it being installed.

This will give you the ability to purchase a great gift for a friend or family member and have it installed seamlessly.

Amazon Home Service

What Type Of Services Will Amazon Provide?

There are going to be quite a few different services offered through the Amazon Home Services program.

As of right now, things that are being promised include everything from lawn care, to computer repair, home-based maintenance and services, plumbers, and so much more.

It is truly going  revolutionize buying products on Amazon.

In the future, you can expect to be able to purchase a wide variety of different items and have them installed with ease without having to worry about whether or not the person installing them is trustworthy.

The service providers have to pass Amazon’s initial requirements

Also customers will be able to post reviews on individual installers on Amazons website. This will go a long way to ensuring very high quality installations and services.

Final Thoughts On Amazon Home Services

In short, Amazon Home Services is going to open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to shopping on the internet.

Not only can you get products that you desire for yourself, family and friends, but also have those same goods installed with the click of a button.

Amazon already has a number of services available depending on your area.

I hope I have answered the question: What Is Amazon Home Service?

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