Saving Money Websites – Government

By | June 18, 2015

Saving Money Websites – Government

The Federal government has many web sites to help you save money.

Saving money in today’s world can be really hard with all the temptations and bad economy.

You should definitely take advantage of these web sites since it is your tax dollar that is paying for them.

Saving Money Websites

Best Government Websites For Saving Money is a great site for saving money as well as other information.

Some of the topics on the the site include:

1. Scam Reports
2. Buying A Home
3. Shopping Wisely
4. Saving Trackers And Calculators
5. Preparing for Child Birth
6. Student Loans

Government Websites For Saving Money

USA.Gov Unclaimed Money

This site will help you find unclaimed money from pensions, bank failures, matured savings bonds, mortgage refunds, and more.

You can also find out if you are eligible for benefits from the government if a family member has died.

Here you will find information on saving and investing. Some of the topics covered are bonds, savings bonds, investment advisers, mutual funds, CD’s and much more. is a government site for saving money. It has information on a host of issues for consumers including:

1. Investing Tips
2. Homeowners Insurance
3. Brokers and Advisers
4. Retirement Info And Tips

The SBA (Small Business Administration) is a government site that has a lot of great information including 7 Techniques To Help You Save Money on technology.

The USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture) site has information on saving money on food.

Information includes:

1. Cutting Down On Food Waste
2. Growing Your Own Food
3. Expiration Date Of Food
4. Eating Healthy
5. Dieting
6. Eating Healthy Within A Budget

This is the site for The Department Of Energy. It has lots of good information on saving money on energy.

You will find information on:

1. Using Less Electricity
2. Saving Water
3. Making Your Home More Energy Efficient
4. Saving On Water Heating
5. Saving On Lighting

Saving Money Sites

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