How To Save Money On Amazon

By | March 20, 2015

I bet you thought you knew a lot about Amazon. Here are some tips for saving money that you probably do not know. After reading this article you will be able to say that you know  “How To Save Money On Amazon.”

1. Subscribe and Save

Sign up on Amazon and save up to 15% on items that you buy all the time and receive free shipping also. There are thousands of products to choose from.
You can cancel your regular shipments at any time. Click to go to Subscribe and Save.


2. Amazon Warehouse Deals

This is where you will find open box and used items at deep discounts. These are items that Amazon cannot sell as new. They may have been returned or the box may have been damaged in the warehouse or in shipping. Amazon also sells refurbished items here.

They look at their inventory and items they can’t sell as new go into their Amazon Warehouse Deals area. Amazon does check the products to make sure they are in working order before listing them as a warehouse deal. Click to go to Amazon Warehouse Deals.


 3. Amazon Outlet Store

Amazon also has an area called Outlet where they sell new items with 30-60% discounts. Click to go to Outlet.


4. Use Two Browser

Sign into your Amazon account and check prices on the items that you want. Now go to another browser and go to Amazon without signing in. Check the same items and sometimes you’ll find a lower price because Amazon sometimes offers lower prices to new customers.
Since you did not sign in on this browser Amazon believe you are new customer. Once you have the items in your cart you can sign in and buy them.


5. Put In Cart But Don’t Buy

If you are not in a hurry to get your merchandise put it in your shopping cart at Amazon but do not complete the purchase. Wait several days and you may receive any mail from Amazon reminding you to complete your order and offering you a discount.


6. Amazon Coupons

Coupons for different products right on the Amazon site. Click here to go to Amazon Coupons.


7. Amazon Prime

Sign up for Amazon Prime for $99.00 a year and get free two day shipping all year. Your membership also includes 500,000 books free to download to your Kindle. Prime also has 40,000 movies and TV episodes that you can watch.
Here is something a lot of people don’t know. You can share the two-day shipping between four people. The people need to be part of your “family.” Click here to go to Amazon Prime.


 8. Today’s Deals On Amazon

Punch in “today’s deals on _______” (electronics, cell phones, shoes etc.) in the search box on Amazon and 1,000s of special deals will pop up. Click here to go to Today’s Deals.


9. Amazon Student

If you are a student you can sign up for Amazon Prime for $49.00 a year and the first six months is free. Special deals and promotions are offered specifically for members of Amazon Student. Click here to go to Amazon Student.Saving money on amazon

10. Amazon Mom

Moms get discounts on baby items like diapers. The membership cost $99.00 or free if you are an Amazon Prime member. Click here to go to Amazon Mom.

Saving money with amazon

11. Price Drop Refund

If you buy an item sold by Amazon and within seven days of purchase the price goes down you can get a refund for the price difference.

How to save money

12. Amazon Gold Box Deals

These are deals at Amazon has running all the time but the products change frequently. Specials like, Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, and Best Deals abound. Click here to go to Gold Box Deals.


Congratulation Frugal Men and Woman you now know more about How To Save Money on Amazon than 95% of Amazon users.

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2 thoughts on “How To Save Money On Amazon

  1. Steve

    A few years back I wanted to know how to save money on Amazon and I started buying some items from the Amazon warehouse and I was very happy to save good money just because the box was damaged or the product had some scratches (which were barely visible). I actually got a great discount on a product that had tiny scratches – most people are scared when they hear this but not me. I strongly recommend keeping an eye on Amazon warehouse deals. I never buy anything before checking this up first. Thank you for the other tips as well!


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