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When Not To Be Frugal

Here Is When Not To Be Frugal

Hey, I know, I know this site is about being frugal. However there are a few instances when it pays not to be frugal.

The economy has not been very good for many years

Saving money is at the forefront of many peoples thought processes.

This is completely understandable and this site has struck a cord with many people.

But as you know there are instances when saving money shouldn’t be your biggest concern.

So, what are some times when not to be frugal?

Continue reading to learn a few instances when saving a few pennies up front may cost you a lot more down the road.

#1. Skipping Out On Preventive Doctor Visits

Doctor visits are expensive and not anyone’s idea of fun.

Even with insurance your co-pay is gonna cost you.

Not to mention many policies don’t cover check up and preventative doctor visits.

The problem is, that when you skip out on check ups and preventive visits with your doctor, you often risk much higher medical expenses in the future.

Not only is your wallet at risk, but more importantly your health.

You certainly can’t put a price tag on your well-being.

When Not To Be Frugal

Take the time and spend just a little bit extra on preventive medical care.

This will save you a lot of money in the future.

It will also drastically reduce your risks of suffering from medical emergencies that could place your health and ultimately your life in jeopardy.

I can see you now running for the phone to make an appointment for that check up you have been putting off.

#2. Purchasing Budget Tools

Yes, those high end tools are more expensive than their generic counterparts.

But please keep in mind.

Those inexpensive and generic tools that save you money up front will end up costing you a lot more in the future.

Typically, tools that are made inexpensively are made of much lower quality materials.

As a consumer who is trying to save money, you will be replacing tools much more frequently.

Also many times cheap tools do not function correctly

This results in poor quality craftsmanship on your home repair jobs.

Your best bet is to invest in quality tools up front.

There are a few brands out there that actually have lifetime warranties on their tools.

Some offer very impressive warranties even on power tools.

Save yourself some money in the future by investing in quality tools today.

How To Be Frugal


 #3. Buying the Cheapest Car On The Lot

Another tempting way to save a bit of money is to buy an inexpensive car.

It is important that you make certain to do adequate research on the manufacturer of the car as well as the individual model.

If you are buying a used car check its history at Autocheck.

By taking the time to do your due diligence upfront, you can save thousands of dollars over the long haul in automobile repairs.

Frugal Living Sites

#4. Skipping out on Automobile Maintenance

Many people are tempted to skip out on routine car maintenance in order to avoid the expense.

The problem with this tactic is that preventative automobile maintenance is just as important as preventive medical care when it comes to saving you money in the future.

Make certain that you do the standard auto maintenance such as oil changes and other general tune-ups.

You will lower the chances of having severe automobile failure in the future.

One big automobile repair can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in expenses. 

I did another post you might like to read 12 1/2 Frugal Living Tips Cars.

#5. Buying Cheap Food

Buying unhealthy food because it is cheap is a bad idea that you will pay for later in life.

Don’t buy a food item because it is inexpensive.

Buy healthy food cheap or pay up a bit.

Frugal Living Ideas

#5. Spending Too Much Time with Coupons

Couponing can be a wonderful way to save money at the grocery store.

The problem is that many people become obsessed with couponing and simply buy items that they do not need.

Spend your time making additional money rather than becoming obsessed with coupons.

Take 20 to 30 minutes to cut coupons out of your Sunday paper for items that you typically purchase.

This a great way to save a few dollars on your grocery bills

Spending hours searching for deals online as well as in your local sales papers generally ends up costing you much more money than you would otherwise be able to save by directing your time to other tasks.

Final Thoughts On When Not To Be Frugal

Being frugal will improve your life but there are certain things it is not wise to try to cut corners on.

With that said, it is also important for you to make certain that you are taking the time to be frugal in the right way.

Know when to be frugal and when to pay up.


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Scott The Frugal Man

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Best Way To Start Your Own Website

Best Way To Start Your Own Website

Owning and operating your own website can be a great source of supplemental income or even a total replacement for your full-time career. In this article I will show you the Best Way To Start Your Own Website.

How To Start Your Own Website For Free

Knowing the best way to start your own website is half the battle when it comes to creating a successful online business. Let me show you how.

Find Quality Training

You probably know there are many different training programs on the Internet that claim to teach you how to earn a full-time income online. 

It is important that you find the right one straight out of the gate as there are many scams out there designed to separate you from your hard-earned money.

When you’re starting your search to look for a qualified program, keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune as some of these courses charge thousands of dollars and simply don’t deliver.

The other thing to keep in mind to avoid being scammed is that there is no such thing as an easy push button solution that will earn you thousands of dollars overnight.

You will also find programs that tell you you can create a website in ten minutes. Technically this is true but the inner workings of a successful site don’t come that easily.

What should you be looking for? Start out looking for programs that will allow you to try them out for free, or even offer a free membership option for their training.


How To Start Your Own Website For Free

First Things First

You need to choose something you’re passionate about.

Don’t choose a niche solely because you think it might be a good money maker.

While this is an option it is much easier to actually pick something that you care deeply about rather than something that you are just pursuing in order to make money.

Why Is This?

One of the most important things that you have to do in order to run a website successfully is to frequently write about the subject of your site.

You also need to communicate with the people who are visiting your website.

If you are passionate about a subject, you will find that it is much easier to communicate with others and create articles for your website.

There are 1000s of subjects or niches out there that will make you money over time.

The key is to choose a subject you are very interested in and know quite a bit about.How To Start Your Own Online Business

You Need To Work At It

Don’t be sucked in by get rich quick schemes. Read that sentence again.

You need to work hard and not expect to make any money for awhile.

Start your training with the understanding that it may be six months or even a year before you see those first pennies being earned from your website.

The good news is, If you put in the work after a while you will start to make money. Over time you will work less and generate income when you are sleeping. 

After some months you will begin to establish yourself in your marketplace.

You will learn the skills that are essential to being successful within your niche.

You will start to make money every day.

The important thing is that you never give up. You need to go into website creation with a long term mindset.How To Start Your Own Website

My Story

At the beginning of this year I decided I wanted to start a website.

I had no experience.

Designing a website was as foreign to me as brain surgery.

I researched extensively where to get help.

After wading through hundreds of scams and not so great training sites I came upon Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a training site with thousands of members from beginners to people who have had websites for many years.

I joined free for seven days and started designing a website. There are a series of step by step training courses that take you from day one to having a fully functional site. They teach everything needed to get your site recognized by Google, Bing, etc.

The site is full of really helpful people and 1000s of questions and answers from the past.

Hundreds of videos and a real time chat round out a super program for success with your website.

When you get stuck on something you get the answer very quickly.

I know if I had not had Wealthy Affiliate I would not have lasted more than a few days with my website.

The Rest Of The Story

After a short time I realized that Wealthy Affiliate was an asset I could not be without if I wanted a successful website. I signed up for a premium one year membership and have never looked back.

In the middle of April three and one half months after starting my site I had my first sale.

Most people have one sale and over time sales increase.

I was very lucky to have a post go viral and my first sale and three hundred more all came in the same day.

Needless to say I was shocked.

Best Way To Start Your Own Website

If you are thinking of starting a website my number one and only recommendation for training that will make you a success would be Wealthy Affiliate.

You can go there and join for free with no obligation.


Click here to go check out Wealthy Affiliate


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Scott  The Frugal Man




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How To Save Money On Eating Out – Frugal Living Tips

How To Save Money Eating Out

How To Save Money On Eating Out – Frugal Living Tips

It’s no secret that one of the greatest expenses you can have is eating out frequently.

I will admit that I love few things more than a nice meal out on the town.

There are ways that you can save some money while still getting to eat out when you feel like it.

OK here are some tips on How To Save Money On Eating Out

Tip #1 – Shopping Around

We all have our favorite restaurants and favorite types of food.

Sometimes there are other good less expensive choices right around the corner.

You might even find that you enjoy some of the less expensive restaurants even more than the ones you frequent.

Make certain to shop around and see what types of food other restaurants offer.

Check their prices.

Come on get out of your restaurant rut and try something different.


Tip #2 – Don’t Be Afraid to Clip

If you already have a favorite restaurant that you prefer above all others, make certain that you’re checking out those Sunday newspapers.

As silly as it sounds, many chain restaurants will offer special deals and discount coupons in the Sunday papers.

You may find yourself discovering a brand-new daily special, or even better, finding that coupon for 20% off your next meal.

How To Save Money On Food

Tip #3 – Inquire About Loyalty

Many restaurants have loyalty programs which offer a free meal or a percentage off after meeting some requirement, for example, buy ten get one free or spend $100 get 10% off.

Ask the next time you are there.

If they have a program they will be more than happy to tell you about it

You will be able to enjoy special savings that they provide to loyal customers who return to them time and time again.


Tip #4 – Check Out Happy Hour

A lot of restaurants have happy hour deals or specials that occur during certain times of the day.

As you know happy hour usually is about drinks but many restaurants also include food.

When in doubt, ask the next time you go to the restaurant, or pay a quick visit to your favorite restaurants’ website.


Tip #5 – Go Where the Kids Eat Free

If you’re wanting to dine out with your family then make certain you check out some of the many different restaurants where Kids Eat Free.

Denny’s has a Kids Eat Free night every Tuesday between 4:00PM and 10:00PM.

You would be amazed at just how much you can save by eating at restaurants that offer a kids eat free night.


Tip #6 – Tweet, Like, and Share

Believe it or not, a lot of restaurants are now offering special coupons and discount codes to customers who will like, tweet, or otherwise share on their websites or social accounts.

Other restaurants will offer their “followers” special limited time deals and specials that they will either tweet or share with their groups on social media.

By following your favorite restaurants, you can often snag up some pretty impressive deals from social media.

Eat Out Coupons

 Tip #7 – Dine Out With Cash

Many people are likely to spend extra money when they are paying with a credit or debit card.

Perhaps this is because it’s much more painful for you to see those bills jumping out of your wallet as you hand them to your server when paying the tab.

Regardless of the reason, paying with cash will generally make you spend less when it comes to dining out.

Not to mention, many servers absolutely hate getting tipped with a credit card.


Tip #8 – Pay With A Credit Card

WHAT! Didn’t you just tell me not to use credit cards?

Certain credit cards give you 1%-5% cash back when you eat out.

Now that’s a credit card worth using but only if you pay your balance off every month.

Eating Out Cheap

Tip #9 – Enjoy Those Freebies

There are a lot of restaurants that offer some delicious free appetizers.

Outback Steakhouse, for example, will deliver a fresh piping hot loaf of that delicious dark bread to your table

Many Mexican restaurants will provide you with complementary chips and salsa.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself getting gorged on the freebies before my entree even gets to the table.


Tip #9 – Drink Water

There are a lot of people that are chronically dehydrated.

Don’t let this be the case when you go out to eat dinner.


You eat less when you drink a lot of water.

Drink plenty of water before you eat dinner. You’ll either order less or you’ll have leftovers for another meal.

Obviously this will save you money when it comes time to pay the check not to mention your belly will thank you.

So skip the soda, fruit juice and beer and just stick with water.


Tip #10 has more than 18,000 restaurants offering discounts all over the USA. Just be sure to read the fine print. Many are valid only on certain days of the week.

How To Save Money When Eating Out

Tip #11 Discount Gift Cards

Go to Cardpool to buy gift cards for restaurants that will save you 5% – 20%.


Tip #12 The Early Bird Catches The Deal

Take advantage of the Early Bird specials offered at many restaurants.

I know eating dinner at 5:00 is crazy but you will sleep better having fully digested your food by the time you go to bed.

You may also be hungry at 9:00 but give it a try.


The Final Tip

Regardless of how much you are spending when you are dining out, the most important thing is to remember to enjoy yourself.

Dining out is the time to enjoy not having to cook a meal and also to enjoy the company of friends and family members.

While you want to have a good time, don’t forget to follow a few of the tips listed above to make certain that you are able to dine out debt and guilt free.


If you have any tips on How To Save Money On Eating Out that I did not cover here please leave them in the comments below.

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How To Invest Like Warren Buffett Did 40 Years Ago

How To Invest Like Warren Buffett

How To Invest

I have often asked myself the question:

What stocks would Warren Buffett buy today if he was a young man?

I am sure that you go to bed every night asking yourself the same question?


Looking at Warrens portfolio today gives us very few clues.

These days he has so much capital to invest he can only invest in large mature companies. These companies do not have the same growth rate possibilities as his investments in the past.

Can we figure out what Warren would invest in today if he was starting all over again?

Yes we can. Here is the good news.

How to invest money

Market Watch just published an article that answers our question.

A study was just completed by the National Bureau Of Economic Research.

They have come up with a formula that mimics how Buffett invested in the past.

Their formula is complex with twelve different components.

The focus is on safe, inexpensive, high quality stocks.

These companies have low volatility and low price to book ratios. They are growing profitable companies that pay a dividend.

They have good five year prospects.

One disclaimer.

Warren has used leverage to magnify his gains over the years.

Without the leverage his returns would have been less but still spectacular.

For the average individual investor I would definitely not suggest using leverage.


Warren Buffett

Here are stocks that Warren might buy today based on the study.

CVS Caremark (CVS)

American Vanguard (AVD)

Vectren (VVC)

Scholastic (SCHL)

Kohl’s (KSS)

Owens and Minor (OMI)

Marcus Corp (MCS)

CryoLife (CRY)

Sparton Stores (SPTM)

Haverty Furniture (HVT)

Comtech Telecommunications (CMTL)

In addition there is an ETF Ishares MSCI USA Quality Factor (QUAL) and a mutual fund U.S. Defensive Equity Fund (REQAX) that have stock picking methods similar to Buffett’s.

So there you have it.

How To Invest Like Warren Buffett.

Be sure to do your due diligence or consult a financial adviser before investing in any stock.

Please leave comments below.

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Scott  The Frugal Man

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