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Single Blade Razors Men: Are They For You?

Are you considering switching to single blade razors men, or should I say Frugal Men? For around 100 years men shaved with a single blade.

In the 1970s Gillette introduced the twin blade razor in order to stay ahead of the competition. They claimed that using two blades resulted in a better shave. Since that time there has been a race to see how many blades can be put on a razor.

My guess is in around 20 years if we continue this process you will have razors that have 28 blades and 32 lubricating strips.Single blade razors men

The Resurgence in the use of Single Blade Razors Men


Over the last 40 years the large razor companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting their multi-blade products. Until recently the single blade razor had fallen out of favor.

Many men get irritation or razor bumps when using a multi-blade razor. The multi-blade razor passes over the skin many times and is much more likely to cause irritation. For this reason many men have been switching to their grandfathers favorite, the single blade razor.Shaving with a razor

Why some Frugal Men are using single blade razors

For years every time I bought multiple blade razors at the store I would ask myself “how can these tiny blades cost so much”. The answer was the big two razor companies had close to a monopoly on the product. They sell their blades for $2 to $3 each.

The good news is if you switch to a single blade razor the blades are only going to cost you around 20ยข each. If that isn’t enough of a reason to consider single blades that also consider the fact that your face will thank you for not running multiple blades across it.

The Frugal Mans Recommendations

Based on my own experience, the experience of other users, and extensive research, here are the best reasonably priced single blade razors on the market today. They are listed from lowest to highest price.

If you do is switch to a single blade razor be sure to give yourself at least a week to get used to the new shaver. Also be sure to buy quality blades or you’ll find yourself replacing them more often than you’d like.

1) Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP 1822L aka L6. Cost: Less than $12

2) Parker 92R. Cost: Less than $35

3) Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor. Cost: Less than $35

4) Merkur “Heavy Classic” Cost: Less than $45

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